Fumex Herbal Remedy 1 Capsule ( For Body Cleansing and Detoxification)


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Fumex:- Viral Diseases Expeller, it is traditionally formulated for the management of Indigestion, entire body system detoxification…

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Fumex:- Viral Diseases Expeller,

  • It is traditionally formulated for the management of Indigestion,
  • Entire body system detoxification,
  • Clogged bowel system,
  • Acute constipation,
  • Purgative agent,
  • Cholesterol expeller,
  • Intestinal congestions,
  • Heavy metal removal,
  • Kidney & liver cleanser,
  • Blood circulation enhancer,
  • Acute pile,
  • Erectile dysfunction,
  • Free radicals,
  • Immune system stimulant,
  • Immune cell reproducer,
  • Candida & yeast infection,
  • Urinary tracts infection,
  • Bladder infection & menstrual regulator.

FUMEX treats these conditions with ease under 24hrs of oral usage. Be indoor during toxin exercises.


Nafdac No.:- A7-2817L

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